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Talent Recruitment & Retention Challenges

A bad hire can be an inconvenience for a large organization. For a small business that doesn't have the same margin for error, a new hire in the wrong role at the wrong time can be a near-death experience. The leverage of an individual in a small business is huge, which is why small business owners have to move beyond sink or swim.

Michael Watkins, Harvard Business School Professor
Author, The First 90 Days

During periods of uncertainty, economic turmoil and upheaval, organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to increase the quality of their talent pool. Due to the significant increase in the number of qualified applicants available in the labour market, companies can be much more selective in their hiring practices.

To thrive in the face of accelerated change and an increasingly competitive market, your company must attract and retain a team with much than solid technical skills. The members of your team must also be able to:

  • embrace change
  • tolerate ambiguity
  • demonstrate flexibility
  • juggle multiple priorities
  • maintain high quality in a fast paced environment


If these skills are not assessed during the selection process, this can lead to poor hiring decisions high entry level turnover.


How we Can Help

Competency Based Behaviorual Interviewing will give you the tools, skills, and techniques that you need to improve your selection decisions significantly.

Rather than focusing on the theory behind behavioural interviews and the use of competencies, our sessions are designed to give participants MAXIMUM practice.


Who We've Helped

Since 1996 The Training Oasis, a Toronto experiential learning firm, has served rapidly changing organizations from over 9 countries. Our Behaviour Based Interviewing clients have included TELUS Mobility, Bell Mobility, Caribbean Development Bank (Barbados), OCBC Bank (Malaysia), Permodalan Nasional Berhad (Malaysia), and Penang Port (Malaysia).

TELUS Mobility used the behaviour based interviewing services of The Training Oasis, Inc. to build their Continuous Learning team from the ground up. Our President then trained all of the recruiters and conducted a train the trainer session to prepare the internal training and human resource managers to implement this programme corporate-wide. Telus Mobility has used our course to equip their management team with the skills it needs to design and conduct effective interviews.

During 18 tours of Asia, we have delivered this programme to over 1500 executives, managers, and professionals in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Petronas, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Maybank, Proton, Perodua, Digi, Mobil/Exxon, Samsung, and Dell Computers are among the companies that have sent delegates to sessions of this workshop in Asia.

We offer experiential learning, accelerated learning, and training and development to companies all over the world including Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai



... by far the most practical course I have ever taken.

Director, Product Logistics, Marketing, Bell Mobility (Toronto)

I found the course very informative. I improved my interviewing skills tremendously by applying the techniques I learned.

Patricia Wong, Assistant Manager, HR, OCBC Bank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Anne has a lot of experience in behaviour based interviewing and her experience has been very useful for me. I like the way the workshop was conducted - very personalized with lots of hands on practice. I really liked the snack pack energizers which contained a lot of of things to keep my energy level high.

Jocelyn Goh, Higher Executive Officer, Power Grid Ltd. (Singapore)

The emphasis on practicing the skills learnt, though at times painful, was very useful. Ultimately, I was left with a feeling of having done a good beginning....Anne has an excellent grasp of the subject. The expert in her really commanded my respect.

M B Sakorkar, LTITL (India)

[We] have been using this method to interview candidates for ... one year now and have found it to be most effective.

Elaine Kelly, Customer Service Manager, Bell Mobility, (Toronto)

A good balance with video/presentation slides and lots of practical exercises.

Gillian Chong, Treasury Business Planning, Standard Chartered Bank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)




Competency Based Behavioural Interviewing


Optimal Group Size: 6 - 36

Individual and team coaching clinics are available for smaller groups.


Course Length:

  • 2 Days (experienced interviewers)
  • 3 Days (new interviewers)


Through The Competency Based Approach to Behavioural Interviewing, a hands-on, accelerated learning programme, executives and managers develop the skills to make hiring decisions based on a candidate's previous accomplishments instead of their own personal biases and gut feelings.


A competency based behavioural approach to interviewing will greatly increase the ability of your managers to predict whether or not a candidate will be successful. It is based on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. The Journal of Applied Research has reported that behaviour description interviewing has the highest predictive validity of any selection methodology.


In this experiential learning programme, participants will learn how to:


  • Identify the competencies that are essential for success in the position and your organization
  • Identify the skills that are relevant to each competency
  • Develop and ask effective, behaviour based questions
  • Develop structured interview guides
  • Build rapport with candidates
  • Develop and conduct legally defensible interviews
  • Measure skills objectively instead of personality
  • Assess a candidate's ability to thrive in a rapidly changing environment
  • Make decisions based on data rather than gut feelings


Preparing for Competency Based Interviewing

Before each session of Comeptency Based Behavioural Interviewing, all delegates will complete participant profiles and learning surveys so that we can determine which instructional methods to use each group. This programme provides many opportunities for delegates to select the exercises that are most compatible with their learning styles. The results? Improved skill mastery and increased retention.

Self Study Module (1 - 2 Hours)

A important component of our programme is our pre-course self-study module that covers the basics course concepts. This is an essential part of the programme and not just "nice to do". By completing this module before the session, the bulk of your time during the Competency Based Interviewing course can be devoted to the practice exercises that are necessary to hone your skills and develop your confidence.

This module is an interactive workbook to prepare you for the Competency Based Interviewing session. It covers CRITICAL information so that we can devote most of your time during the training session to acquiring and practicing the skills that are need to conduct effective competency based interviews. It is an essential component of the programme. To derive maximum benfit from the self study module and the programme, it is important to complete all written exercises and bring them with you to the course.


  • The Truth About Selection Interviews
  • The Competency Based Approach: An Overview
  • Designing Interviews
  • Competencies, Skills, and Values
  • Ensuring Equity


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